About GTYN

Like most people, my desire to blog started with a passion for a topic. After spending 30 years (yes, you read that right) in school and reading about equations, theories, principles, etc I longed to enjoy reading and learning just for the fun of it. When I began reading about fitness and nutrition I felt like a sponge – the more I read the more I wanted to read. The human body (and mind) and the way it processes food is amazing.

When thinking about reasons to start a blog, I started thinking about things like: sharing recipes, passing
long knowledge, improving writing skills, etc. But, it really came down to ‘why not?’ The why not reasons were so petty… what if I sound silly, what if people hate it, and other insecurities. Add overcoming insecurities to the reasons to start a blog. In the end, my pro list was long and my con list was based on what other people think… blog created

If I can help one person find their happy place with fitness and nutrition or help them overcome insecurities then I will feel successful.

I enjoy cooking and trying to find creative ideas to turn drool worthy foods into healthy and drool worthy. My mother and grandmother are great cooks… their food tastes great, but is usually a little heavy on the butter and salt. Some recipes are too good to alter, and I occasionally indulge (in small
portions) of sinful, buttery, yummy deliciousness. My posted recipes will include nutritional values and portion sizes so everyone can enjoy and still fit their nutritional goals.