Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

Matt and I recently went on a weekend get away, and it was fantastic. It was just a quick trip to the beach but we took a break from everything… work, home, long workouts, and we had a couple of splurge meals.
Because I prefer to cook (and I am cheap), most of our meals are prepared at home. I can control portions, ingredients, eat in my PJs, etc. So, going out for dinner is a ‘treat’ for us. While vacationing, we decided to really treat ourselves and eat at an upscale Prime steakhouse.
My meal began with a salad and I had a filet and a couple bites of potatoes for my entrée. This restaurant has an amazing chocolate cake, and I had been drooling about it all day. Both of us were extremely (way too) excited for this dessert. The waiter split the cake for us and as he served me my giant piece of deliciousness, topped with ice cream, the lady at the table next to me turned and said ‘Don’t forget you have to wear a bikini tomorrow.’

This lady was a stranger whom I had never spoken a word to in my life, and she says this to me. My face must have shown total shock because the waiter jumped in and said ‘well, she ran a marathon this morning.’ That was a lie, but I give him props for saying something because I was shocked.
The portion of the cake was large and more than I would eat 99 out of 100 days but it was my decision to eat it and she had no idea my eating habits, workout routines, etc. I ate my cake, enjoying every bite, and did not let her comment impact me because I work hard and deserve to play hard on occasion.
The lady probably meant to be funny, but there are millions of women that are not comfortable enough with their bodies to hear that type of comment. Please be cautious of the things you say to others – it could come out completely wrong (or, completely right, but I’m hopeful she was not intentionally being mean).
And, if you work your buns off in the gym and count every macro that you consume… when you decide to eat cake hold your head (and your fork) high and enjoy with confidence…. You’ve earned it.

Image courtesy of: CoolFunnyQuotes.com