Could Your ‘Smoothie’ Causing Weight Gain?!?!

The nutrition industry is full of buzz words…. Macros, Paleo, No-Carb, Fat-Free, Shakes, Smoothies, etc. But, could your smoothie be keeping you from the physique you desire???

Here is a quick comparison….

A Medium Hulk Strawberry smoothie from SmoothieKing is over 1,400 calories with 48 grams of fat and 217 carbohydrates. There are some quality ingredients such as Strawberries, Bananas, and Non-Fat Milk, but not all smoothies are ‘healthy’ for weight loss goals.

For 1,000 calories (49 grams of fat and 108 carbs), you could eat a Big Mac, fries and an apple pie from McDonalds. Without a doubt, there are questionable ingredients in some of Mickey D’s products. But, this illustrates the point…. Just because it’s a fruit smoothie – does not mean it’s ‘healthy.’

When selecting a smoothie, check out the ingredients and nutritional information first. Look for a smoothie that meets your nutritional goals. The best suggestion – plan before you go!!! Walking into a smoothie shop without planning is a disaster waiting to happen. If you have checked out the options and nutritional information before entering the store – you can make a smoothie that fits.

If you are trying to lose body fat, look for ingredients like nonfat milk (almond, regular, etc), vegetables, fruits (whole fruits are much better than juices), protein blends with little carbs (you will be getting carbs from the fruit), etc. Avoid ingredients such as: full fat ice cream, heavy sauces, whipped cream, weight gainer protein blends, etc.

Smoothies are a great way to ingest fruits and vegetables – they are also refreshing on a hot day.

But, choose wisely in order to enjoy your food and your figure!