Free Food Does Not Mean Calorie Free

We have all been there…. Donuts at work, the always full candy jar, or those free ‘try-me’ snacks at the grocery store. These foods have a special appeal – they are free and usually small in size so you think ‘what could it hurt?’ One Hershey Kiss from the work jar is not going to tip the scale, and if you can eat just one then kudos to you.

Our security guard at work keeps a candy jar on his guard stand and I used to regularly fall victim to grabbing a ‘fun size’ piece of candy when I walked by his stand. Even when I was tracking regularly, I would not log this tiny indulgence…. I mean, it’s just one insy tinsy bite, right?!?! But, sometimes I took two… some days I walked by his stand 3-4 times a day, and so on. My ‘tiny indulgence’ has now turned into 300 calories of candy…WHAT THE WHAT!!

My workstation is strategically located next to an empty workstation. This space is used for storage, a ‘hotel’ workspace or… FREE FOOD. Several days a week, this space is a junk food shrine. A co-worker will bring in the second dozen from last night’s batch of cookies, pick up a bag of pepperoni rolls on their way to work (it’s a local delicacy) or the ever famous dozen donuts.

If you are serious about tracking your results, it’s imperative to track your intake. The entire fat loss, muscle gain, weight gain ‘thang’ is a giant puzzle and you have to track input and output.
For me, it is also an accountability thing. I have so much admiration for people with super strong willpower, but I am not one of those people that can eat just one potato chip or just one chocolate chip. One makes me want two, then three, then four…. Then what the heck – I will just eat the whole bag.
One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is knowing weaknesses finding ways to mitigate them. For me, it’s logging things before I consume them. When I see the nutritional content and the tiny portion size, I often think ‘is it worth it?’ Sometimes that answer is yes, and then I’m content with my decision. But, usually it isn’t worth it for me and I choose a smarter option.