Setting Target Macros using the MyFitnessPal App

You’ve downloaded the MyFitnessPal app, but now what? Time to find out how to adjust your macros using your phone.
When the iPhone first came out, I did not get the hype. I had a phone, like the bad boy shown below and it made calls, I sent the occasional text… why did I need an iPhone??

Nutrition tracking was the selling point for me to get an iPhone. I know that nutrition apps are now available for all types of phones, but back in ‘the day’ these apps were really targeted to iPhones. Like most people, I usually have my phone close at hand so it makes tracking nutrition easy as pie (yumm, pie).
Setting up MyFitnessPal (MFP) is pretty simple, and the app guides you through the basics. MFP allows you to change your macronutrient ratios in 5% increments. The premium version allows users to track to the gram. This post is one of two posts about setting up your macros. The other post is for the desktop version, and this post is for using the app to set your targets.

After downloading the MFP app, select ‘More’ on the bottom right of the app screen and then tap ‘Goals.’

Tap the ‘Calorie & Macronutritient Goals’ ribbon

The screenshot below shows you the target macronutrient breakdown. By tapping any of the macros, you can make edits. (Please keep in mind, each person will have different targets based on their body and goals).

After tapping on a macro, you get a screen that allows you to change your macro breakdown (within 5% increments). Even though suggested targets are to the gram, using 5% increments will get you pretty close. It will just require a little math each day, and math never hurt anyone.

Once you get close to you gram targets, you are all set.
Now, to monitor your macros each day… after logging (and weighing ☺) your food you can view your food diary.
At the bottom of the diary, there’s a button for ‘Nutrition.’

This shows a breakdown of your macros for the day. For me, this is near the end of the day. I know my targets are 204 carbs, 61 fat, and 146 protein. So, a little bit of math tells me that I can have 9 carbs, 1 gram of fat, and 1 gram of protein. I try to get within ± 5 protein and fat each day, and I’m okay going under on carbs – if I feel satisfied.