Setting Target Macros using the MyFitnessPal Site

So, you’re ready to get started with tracking your food but you are not sure how to start?? You’ve come to the right place.
I love my phone and for years I used MyFitnessPal app exclusively; never branching out to the website. However, the site is even easier to use than the app so now I find myself regularly using both the site and the app (you say obsessed, I say devoted).
Anyway, a couple of people have asked for help setting their marco targets so I thought a post with lots of pictures… because who reads the words in directions anyway?? would be helpful.
Log into MFP and click on ‘Goals’:

Then select ‘Edit’:

Now you can update your macronutritients. In order to set your targets by grams, you need to have the Premium version. But, it really is not necessary. Using 5% increments, you can get close to the targeted numbers and then just keep that in mind as you check your log.

Save Changes and you’re all done… easy peasy.
Now, when you view your diary the bottom will show the the amount of each Macronutritient you have consumed and the amount you have remaining. I also track iron and fiber, but that’s just a personal preference.