Top Reasons Your Diet Is Not Working

Tired of a restrictive calorie diet that is full of foods you despise?!?! Or, tired of a plan that does not allow you to eat out?! Or, maybe you’ve stuck with your plan but the scale seems to be stuck as well?

I recently read an article by Active about the top four reasons that diets fail. Most of us can relate to these failures on some level. I know I can! I felt like I was reading a biography of my own diet fails! Like myself, I’m sure you all have seen a friend or family member go to a traditional nutritionist that ‘prescribes’ a restrictive ‘diet’ of processed meats and yogurt five times a day. News flash… this is not sustainable. At Greater Than Yesterday Nutrition, YOUR plan will focus on the foods YOU enjoy.

Below are the reasons most diet plans fail and how things are different with the GTYN plan.

Reason #1 – Diets are a Fad

How many times have you heard (or said), “I am starting a diet Monday,” or “I am going off my diet.”

Technically speaking, we are ‘on a diet’ our entire life. The goal at Greater Than Yesterday Nutrition is to teach you how to eat the food YOU like in the right amounts to efficiently fuel your body.

If you do not like lunch meat, a diet that prescribes it twice daily is NEVER going to be sustainable. Or, if you are given regimented plan, but you’re invited out with friends – now what do you do? If your diet requires you to be a hermit – it will not last.

The ultimate goal is to teach you to make the right food selections on your own. Some people need a daily plan, but this plan should be focused on the food that makes you happy. You can have it both ways!

Reason #2 – I am always starving!

Why do you always want what you can’t have? If you give me a diet that restricts pizza – that’s what I want. If it restricts vegetables – that’s what I want. If it restricts ice cream – that’s what I want Who am I kidding??? I ALWAYS want Ice Cream! 🙂

I understand that both the mental and emotional sides of nutrition need to be satisfied. Part of ‘being hungry’ may be just the stigma around dieting. Or the constant ‘want’, whatever your ‘want’ may be.

But, many people make significant changes at the beginning of a fitness and nutrition plan. A large calorie deficit will leave you hungry (or hangry), leading to failure. If you cut your calories AND add or increase exercise, you run the risk of not eating enough to sustain your activity level. It’s important to work with a nutritionist that takes all of your activity into consideration when creating a nutrition plan.

Remember food is fuel. It’s never a good day when your gas tank reads E on the side of the road.

Reason #3 – I have no energy!

No bread, no pasta, no fruit… no way!!

We have been conditioned to think of carbohydrates as the enemy. But, carbohydrates are the best and more efficient source of fuel for our body. If you do not utilize or burn the carbs you ingest, THEN they can turn to fat and lead to bad weight gain. But, avoidance of carbohydrates is not the solution. The solution is finding out how many carbs your body needs and eating the right amount.

Eating too few carbohydrates requires your body to use protein and fat as a source of energy. These macronutritients are far less efficient energy sources. Being tired and lethargic can be a result of too few carbohydrates. This leads to a diet failure.

Reason #4 – I lost all my muscle

It’s important to talk to your nutritionist about your goals. People often say ‘I want to lose weight,’ and my answer is always the same… ‘I assume you mean you want to lose body fat.’ Most nutritionists focus on ‘weight loss.’ Losing muscle is hurting your long term success – if ‘weight’ is your concern, your diet should be focused on reducing body fat… not just weight. Losing the correct type of weight can have a multitude of positive impacts; an overall healthy lifestyle, increase metabolism, increase mobility, etc.

Traditional restricted calorie diets are often counterproductive because they lead to muscle loss. The muscle and body fat combination is very powerful. The more lean muscle (and less body fat) you have –the more calories you burn. So, if you are losing muscle you are losing the ability to burn calories. GTYN programs focus on muscle mass and body fat to make your metabolism get stronger as you progress.

In summary, working with a nutritionist is a great idea. Trained professionals can be the missing link to providing you the information you need to meet your goals.  But, be selective…find a nutritionist and a nutrition plan that sets you up for success!!