Top Tricks for Eating Healthy on the Road

Whether for work or pleasure, we all travel. The question is – how do I eat healthy while on the road?? I have been there too…. Eating great and hitting the gym for weeks, only to have everything crash and burn while out of town. Honestly, it sucks and the feeling is horrible.

I have been traveling more than normal for work lately, so I have had the opportunity to practice and document some tips to fuel your body and feel great while away from your home base.

#1 Drink lots of water

Sometimes our body thinks we are hungry when we are thirsty. Make sure to always have water available and hydrate throughout the day. Do not let your body trick you into eating when it really just wants water.

#2 Pack your own snacks

Before you leave, pack a bag of snacks. Include things that pack well like apples, protein bar (i.e. Quest bars), nuts, etc. For me this is incredibly important. I need to feel satisfied with my food because the trainings I regularly attend have candy bowls on each table. If I feel deprived – I may dive head first into the candy bowl.

#3 Check out restaurants before you go

If you are traveling alone, you get to make all the decisions so you can find a place that suits your taste buds and nutrition plan. If you are with a group, knowledge is power. We have all been there… ‘Where do you want to go?’ ‘I don’t care, where do you want to go?’ ‘It does not matter, anywhere is fine.’ This conversation usually continues until you stop at the first place you see. If you research ahead of time, you can easily say ‘I read about a place called blah blah blah, and it sounded good.’ You’ll be a hero and have control of your restaurant choice #winning!!!

#4 Select a hotel with a gym and fridge

99% of the world feels better from exercising (that is not from scientific studies and it’s probably an exaggeration). Hotel gyms are usually not the most elite gyms but they provide equipment that can get your heart rate up and cause you to break a sweat… and that is better than sitting in your room binge watching Netflix.

Try to find a hotel that also has a small fridge to hold your snacks. Being able to keep perishables drastically increases your snack options.

#5 Offer to plan the menu for catered meals (when possible)

This may not always be possible, but it is a big issue for me so I wanted to include it. During a trip in June, I listened to my tummy growl all morning… anxiously awaiting lunch. When it arrived, lunch was meatballs (covered in cheese), baked beans and macaroni and cheese. There were no veggies in site, and as a non-cheese lover (gasp) I was out of luck and in for a long (and hangry) day. So, I decided for the next catered meal I would ask ahead and even offer to help (without overstepping). The lady responsible for lunch orders was more than happy to have my help. Our next lunch was a delicious lemon pepper chicken, fruit salad, green salad, corn on the cob, and rice.

#6 Enjoy

If you are anything like me, a trip to the beach includes nightly ice cream (or some other fun tradition). Partake in the fun…. Eat some ice cream and ENJOY IT!