Welcome to GTYN!

Welcome to Greater Than Yesterday Nutrition!
Hello, my name is Tiffany and I am the creator of Greater Than Yesterday Nutrition. I am a 30 something project manager, wife, and doggie mom who loves fitness and nutrition. I enjoy all (okay, most) forms of exercise and have become fascinated with nutrition and how the body processes food.

My husband (Matt) and I live in a wonderful town in North Central West Virginia with our two mutts. I’m allowed to call them mutts because anyone that knows me knows they are treated better than most children.

I have spent the majority of my adult life in college; I obtained a B.A. in Math, followed by a Masters in Business Administration, followed by a degree in Petroleum Engineering (lots of school… believe me, I know). My true learning passion is about healthy living – I feel like a sponge about the subject.
I decided to start a blog about fitness and nutrition because my path to understanding these two concepts was long and winding, and I felt others could relate.
Experimenting in the kitchen is a hobby and I plan to share recipes and meal ideas regularly. I love finding ways to tweak recipes to make them healthier (sometimes… some recipes are too good to change. See exhibit A below).

Thanks for checking out my first post!! It was a short and sweet introduction. Stay tuned for recipes, nutrition tips, workout ideas, and more!!!

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