What’s Crossfit Really Like?

Before I started CrossFit, I had only heard one comment about it… ‘It’s a cult.’  Hmmm, that’s appealing.  When my husband asked me if I was interested I said yes (because I’m a joiner) and refused to read anything about it.  I was just going to give it a shot without knowing anything about the process, workouts, etc.  (This made me look like an idiot after the rundown of my first workout.  The first movement was a 200M run and when the coach said ‘Let’s go outside and run’ – I took him literally and went outside and ran….having no clue these things were timed – whoops).

My first CrossFit experience was in January of 2015 at RawGrit CrossFit.  Our gym (or ‘box’ as CrossFitters like to say) requires that you take a fundamentals course to learn the basics.  These fundamentals courses are great and prevent injuries by easing people into the workouts.

Truth:  I did not love the first workout.  I felt it wasn’t super challenging and I felt I needed to come home and do some cardio.  (Dear CrossFit Gods – I’m so sorry I ever felt that way.  Please stop punishing me with killer workouts).

After my two weeks in fundamentals, I was not sold but I was signed up for a month so I was going to give it the ole’ college try for the rest of the two weeks.  It got ‘real’… real fast.  I loved the high intensity workouts and competition within the gym.

One of my favorite aspects is the programming and variety.  It is like personal training everyday and it’s never the same.  The workouts target and build different muscles every day.  A couple of months ago, I was talking to a new member at our gym and she said ‘I can’t wait until I am not sore anymore.’  She was so genuine – I didn’t have the heart to tell her that day will never come if she continues with CrossFit.

Something that I love about our box that I was not expecting is the sense of family. I have always been a ‘get in and get out’ kind of gym goer.  Previously, I would go to the gym with earbuds in and leave without talking to a single person.  Now, I occasionally go to the gym after I’ve worked out to cheer on a friend for their workout.  The picture below is from when I was first learning handstand pushups.   Everyone else had finished (and probably finished cooling down) but I was still struggling.  No one left… Everyone sat or stood around to cheer me on… how awesome is that?!?!


A lot of people are intimidated by the CrossFit athletes shown on TV, but these are not your average member.  These people are professionals, and while I admire (gawk) at their physiques – it is not a realistic goal for me to look or compete like them.  These are CrossFit ‘Olympians.’  You’ve seen Olympic runners, tennis or basketball players, right?!  Do you perform like them?  Probably not (but, if so… mad props to you).  Does this stop you from lacing up your sneaks and going for a run, picking up a racket, or playing ball….No.  CrossFit is no different – for 99% of the world it is a hobby.  A challenging, sweaty, fun hobby that makes you stronger, mentally and physically.