What’s the Beef

A couple of years ago I was traveling for work and the special at the restaurant was Bison Filet… hmmm.

For some reason, I am a more adventurous eater at new restaurants and since this place was new to me – I was intrigued. First things first, I whipped out my cell phone to make sure the nutritional stats were not outrageous. The nutritional values were impressive (but, more on that later). Next, I asked the waitress if she had sampled the dish. She assured me it was delicious and not ‘gamey’ (I’m not sure what I expected… was she really going to say ‘it’s horrible.’)

Anyway, I threw caution to the wind (yes, this is my idea of wild) and ordered the bison special.

When my food arrived, my presentation was beautiful. The portion, however, was for a very small child… maybe even an ant. The serving was probably 1 ½ – 2 ounces of meat; which is not enough for a growing girl like myself.

The taste of the bison filet was extremely close to that of beef filet. In fact, if I had not known it was bison I would have assumed it was filet and never known any different. The ‘sampling’ of bison peaked my interest, and upon returning to my hotel room I decided to do some research on bison’s nutritional information and where to purchase bison.

While I was in my hotel room researching bison, there was a knock on my door (around 11pm). I opened the door to a Quasi-Moto looking gentleman who asked if I needed my light bulb changed… What the heck!! This guy would have creeped me out at noon on Sunday, but 11PM… who does that. Needless to say, I passed on the light bulb. Sorry for the tangent, but I have continued to think the late night light change was weird.

Back on track, Bison can be ordered from a variety of places online. I have included some links at the bottom of the post. My local grocery store carries a limited selection of bison cuts. Omaha Steaks offers bison in addition to beef, chicken, sides, etc and they have retail location. Using Omaha’s website, I compiled some information about the nutritional differences between common beef and bison cuts.

If you have looked at the recipes section, you have probably noticed that I use bison in place of beef in several recipes. This is a preference and either will work perfectly, but the nutritional values in bison usually draw me to using it in recipes.

Bison may be a great alternative or addition to your protein selections. If you are unsure, I suggest giving it a try… live life on the edge.
Below are some links for ordering bison online:
Omaha Steaks
Carolina Bison
North Star Bison
Buffalo Gal

Also, here are a few of my favorite bison recipes:
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